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Diabetes Prevention: Tips to Control Blood Sugar Level

Diabetes Prevention: Tips to Control Blood Sugar Level
June 26
21:24 2018

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you should know that it will have serious consequences on your health if you do not control your blood sugar. There is, unfortunately, no cure so you have to ensure that you eat right, exercise well, make appropriate changes to your lifestyle, and monitor your blood sugar level to keep the negative impact to the minimum. Some practical tips that can keep you more in control and prevent diabetes as well.

Diabetes Prevention: How to control Blood Sugar Level?

Shed Your Flab

Losing weight is the first advice that most doctors treating diabetics will give. Being overweight results in insulin resistance and it becomes difficult for your body to maintain the right level of blood glucose. According to experts, even reducing your weight by 10-15% can help significantly to improve your blood sugar levels. The most effective ways of losing weight are exercising, making suitable lifestyle changes, and eating right.

Up The Level of Your Physical Activity

Diabetes is most often seen in people who lead sedentary lifestyles and exercise inadequately. Regular exercise helps to burn body fat, keeps your weight down and promotes the production of insulin by your pancreas. As a result, the level of blood sugar reduces and the health of your internal organs gets a boost. You need not exercise intensively, just a 30-minute brisk walk will serve to make your system more flexible and reduce your weight. If you are a drug researcher, buy only from the best manufacturers.

Adopt a Balanced Diet

The ideal diet for diabetics is one that has a good balance of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamin D and fats. You can cut out the excess calories by not eating food and drink with added sugar and carbs with a low glycemic index that are very quickly digested leaving you feeling hungry sooner. Make it a point to substitute simple carbs with complex carbs that are present in whole grains and vegetables because they deliver a more sustained release of energy. By all means, have your quota of lean meat like fish and chicken, but try to load your plate with more fresh vegetables that not only deliver the required vitamins and micro-nutrients but also fiber that helps to reduce the urge to eat, and keeps your digestive system clean.

Time Your Meals

It is easier to control the level of blood sugar when you eat small meals more frequently instead of the conventional breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Studies have revealed that having 6-8 smaller meals throughout the day is better for avoiding the blood sugar spikes and dips. You should also aim to make breakfast your principal meal, while your lunch and dinner can be more modest as this is proven to be more effective in regulating blood sugar.


Conclusion: The secret of effective blood sugar control is not overloading your system with extra calories and foods that get converted to sugar faster. By limiting the quality of food, adjusting the menu for better balance and making appropriate changes to your lifestyle to allow for more physical activity, you can get on top of diabetes and remain healthier.

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