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Which Daily Habits destroy your Health?

Which Daily Habits destroy your Health?
September 08
12:44 2017

Lack of focus, fatigue, dullness, and stress can be because you are following the wrong things, and your brain is trying to give you a hint about the same. Unfortunately, your brain will be too tired, and you cannot rack your brains to find the answer.  Unhealthy habits are bad because they can begin causing you problems from the beginning leading well into the future, such as medical problems, medical debt, credit card debt, and more.

10 Daily Habits that damage your Health slowly every day

Here are 10 daily habits that damage your health slowly every day. Take a peek, and try to stay off.

Gadget Mania

gadget mania

Nowadays, it is quite crucial to use smartphones and computers as we are very much dependent on them. But denote time frames to use them. Do you think playing Candy Crush on bed helps you relieve stress? No, on the contrary, it can affect your sleep quality. Ensure that you never bring gadgets on the bed. Use them only, if they are essential.

Less sleep

Not only the gadgets, but there are many reasons for you to lose sleep. Even if it is your work that fetches bread and butter on the table, do not compromise with the sleep hours. Ensure you get a sleep of 7 hours, especially during the nights. If you work at nights, you might need a couple more hours of sleep. The brain cells can be affected due to lack of sleep, causing stress.


Smoking reduces oxygen supply to the brain and can trigger chances of neuro degenerative diseases. An example is Alzheimer’s disease. Additionally, you also affect the passive smokers around you.

Junks and sugar loaded foods

Junk food

Appeasing your taste buds might seem to relish, but you need to understand calorie and sugar-packed foods can actually make your brain slow. The empty calories can pave the way for lots of diseases, including diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.


While stress can be due to lots of reasons, it has to be accepted that nothing can cause stress in, your life unless you allow it to. It can reduce the capacity of the nerves and slows down the brain. To ensure that you keep anger under check.

Lack of Exercises


When you never exercise or workout, your brain gets less stimulated. Again this can lead to the slowing down of the brain function. Stimulating brain happens with physical activities. Also, creative activities and recreations like reading, and listening to music can help the brain cells rejuvenate.

Alcohol consumption

Alcohol consumption

If you take in a lot of alcohol, it can result in nervous system damage. It can also affect your entire system, causing the brain to work more.  It can affect every organ of the body, and can also turn out to be fatal.

Skipping breakfast

Skipping breakfast

If you skip breakfast, the most important meal of the day, you are inviting diseases. Your body needs calories after long hours of fasting during the nights. A healthy and easy to digest breakfast should be how you start the day.

Drinking less water

Drinking less water

Drinking 8 glasses of water daily is the minimum amount of water your body needs. Drinking less water only means that oxygen supply to the body is restricted.

Bad posture

Bad posture

Sitting erect, and standing straight is important. When not done, these can lead to deformities in the spine, which in turn reduces the flexibility of the body. Also, use the computer while sitting in an ergonomic chair. Do not bend the neck too much, and keep the systems at the right distance from your eyes.

These aspects are never noticed in the hustle bustle of daily life and can seem minor things. But, these can end up in too much damage to your body. When delayed, the damage can be severe and irreversible.
Author Bio: Peter Johnson likes blogging. He covers multiple topics, namely tech, and health.

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