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6 Best Exercises to get a Flat Stomach

6 Best Exercises to get a Flat Stomach
November 15
13:38 2017

How to get a Flat Stomach?

We all want that slim, sexy figure. Whether you would like to have abs or not, you can never deny the great feeling of looking into the mirror and seeing your flat stomach. A flat stomach is a badge of honor. It is an outward sign which shows that you’re fit.

With a flat stomach, you will be able to try out more form-fitting clothes and also feel more confident about your overall fitness goals. However, have you ever bought ineffective goods due to false advertising?

Well, the fitness industry isn’t any different. There are many workouts being advertised as ‘the best workout for…’ nearly everything yet they aren’t effective at all. This is the main reason why many people find it hard to achieve their fitness goals by using these ineffective products or services.

Ask yourself that “Is it possible to get a flat stomach in a month?”

In case you want to flatten and tighten your midsection, then a balanced nutrition and the right abdominal exercises are key. In this article, we take a closer look at some of the best abdominal exercises, perfectly-suited for those who want a flat stomach. If that’s your goal, then this article is specifically meant for you! Below is a comprehensive list of the top 6 best exercises for flat stomach:

6 Secret Exercises for Flat Stomach

If you want to get a flat stomach within a month then you should opt these best exercises for flat stomach:


1. Kettlebell Swings

This is one of the best exercises you can do. On top of being a great cardio workout, you will also be burning more calories as compared to many other exercises. Targeting the lower back, hamstrings, glutes, and calves, kettlebell swings also work the core muscles.

For the best results, you should mix up your kettlebell swings, starting with 2 hands, 1 hand and then alternate. During the exercise be sure to have a slight knee bend and keep your lower back straight and chest straight.


2. Barbell Front Squats

Barbell front squats are multi-joint (compound) exercises that usually strengthen the glutes and legs. However, your core strength is also built up because your abs help stabilize your body during the process.

The exercise involves the barbell resting in front of the shoulders while keeping an upright position of the torso. Keeping the torso in such a position usually entails increased abdominal activation thus drawing the abdominals in tight against the spine.

deadlift exercise

3. Deadlifts

The deadlift refers to a weightlifting exercise where a loaded barbell is normally lifted from the ground all the way to the hips, before being lowered back onto the ground. Deadlifts are known as the ‘king’ of all body exercises because it works the legs, butt, core, lower back, and shoulders.

If you want to build strength while also working out all of these muscle groups at the same time, then deadlifts are the way to go.


4. Bicycle Crunches

The bicycle maneuver represents an old but good stomach exercise. This exercise can be done anywhere on the floor. A form is key in case you want to reap maximum benefit from this abdominal exercise.

Make sure that one leg is fully extended in front. The other leg should be raised up at a 90-degree angle. As you crunch with both hands behind the head, you should lift the shoulders from the floor by twisting the opposite elbow to the leg that’s at 90 degrees.


5. Pull-ups/Chin-ups

This is a great compound exercise that normally targets your shoulders, arms, and the back. However, it also works your core as well. This is because you have to engage your core to hold yourself in a position where you can easily move vertically as you pull yourself up.

If you’re new to this exercise and you don’t have the strength required to perform it, then you can always use the chin assist machine to start with. These machines usually use weight to help you push your own body weight up.

Alternatively, you can start with the reverse chin-up by starting this exercise with the chin right above the bar and then slowly lower yourself whilst bracing your abs.

leg raise exercise

6. Lying Leg Raise

The last exercise on the list will surely get you a flatter stomach. To perform this exercise, lie flat on the back on a bench or mat. You should then place your hands under the glutes with palms facing downwards, and then lift your legs while keeping them as straight as possible.



Remember, the fat reduction shall only occur when a proper nutrition plan is used in conjunction with balanced exercise programs. This means utilizing strength training, cardiovascular exercise and most importantly, maintaining a well-balanced and healthy diet.

If your nutrition plan isn’t dialed-in, then just forget about it. This is true if you are overweight because achieving a flat stomach will be virtually impossible in case you aren’t eating reduced calorie diets.

Incorporating the above 6 abdominal exercises in your overall exercise plan will take your ab definition up a  notch. In addition, these exercises will also improve the stability and strength of the crucial core muscles to a great extent.

About the Author: My name is John Welborn and I’m a personal fitness coach and fat loss specialist in the Portland/Fairview Oregon area. I specify in helping overweight and obese individuals transform their bodies, lives, reclaim their freedom and confidence, and reach the best shape of their lives. You can get in touch with me by checking out my fitness website.

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