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15 Things You Must Know before Starting Weight Loss Exercise

15 Things You Must Know before Starting Weight Loss Exercise
November 05
11:07 2017

Weight Loss Exercise Program

You have decided to lose your weight. Awesome! You have made an outstanding decision. It is important to make commitments in your life, set some goals, and work hard to achieve them. Achievement of the goals makes you feel that you have taken one more step towards success. In this way, it adds to your self-confidence and self-esteem. When you decide to take some pounds off of your body then it helps you to enhance your lifestyle, happiness, and health.

In the start, you may want to get help from some online programs, ask your friends, or visit local support groups for weight loss. While you are in the phase of choosing your weight loss exercise program, you need to know some aspects that are important to consider before making any decision. It is essential for you to know these valuable aspects so that you can achieve success in losing your weight. Following is a list of 15 things that you should know prior to starting a weight loss exercise program.

15 Starter Tips for Weight Loss Exercise Program

Here is the list of some starter tips for  you to know before starting a weight loss exercise program:

1. Set Up Your Personal Vision For Wellness

weight loss vision

Don’t rely on others, set up your own wellness vision. It isn’t compulsory if a person is contented with a lifestyle then you also will be happy by adopting that lifestyle. See in imaginations that how your life will look like when you will achieve the goal. Also, there may be a change in your viewpoint about life as compared to others.

2. Solidify Your Commitment


You need to strengthen your commitment. For this purpose, you should write down a statement of what you want to do and what you want to achieve. When you take a pen, write your ideas on a paper, and make a commitment to yourself then it will help you to focus on your plan effectively. Moreover, if you want to get motivated then read it aloud in front of a mirror or your loved ones.

3. Boost Your Confidence


No matter, how motivated you are to fulfill your goals, you have a voice whispering in the back of your head that there is the possibility that you may fail. Identify small steps to reach your goal instead of getting worried by observing the big picture.

4. Identify Hurdles and Make Strategies To Tackle Them



Observe your environment, identify the possible hurdles, and make a plan to tackle with them in advance. Don’t let obstacles to keep you away from your goal. For examples, do your friends have a meetup plan on every Friday after work just to eating and making gossips? Convince them to go to the gym with you, and then eat a healthy dinner together.

5. Build A Support Team


Social support is necessary to achieve your goal. Achieving the goal of weight loss is your struggle but others can join you for support. Moreover, you can keep in contact with a group of people (such as a doctor, nutritionist, and gym instructors) to help and support you in accomplishing your goal.

6. Set Up Your Environment


You need to have a look at your environment and change it in a way that will be helpful for you. For example, see if there’s any junk food or snacks in your fridge, keep them away. Take a healthy diet in your fridge, join a gym that is near to your office or home, and make a social group that motivates you in this regard.

7. Create Your Plan Of Action


Creating a plan of action is important. It is a latter debate if you will succeed or not but before starting the action, you need to figure out some specific aspect and create your plan for a daily workout. Only include the rules in your plan that seem comfortable to you.

8. Instant Change Is Not Long Lasting


If you are setting up your goal with the mentality of achieving all or nothing then you are already leading yourself towards failure. It is not healthy if you lose too much wait on an instant basis. In such a situation, it will not be possible for you to maintain that pace and you will gain the lost weight again.

9. Having Coping Strategies Ready Is Significant

Coping Strategies

It is essential to have some coping strategies. For example, if you have an eating habit to cope with stress then you need to have some alternative strategy whenever you have stress.

10. Gym Is Not The Only Form To Work Out


If you don’t like to join a gym then don’t do. The gym is not the only area where you can burn your calories, but there are lots of other ways like cycling, hiking, or swimming. Adopt any of them and enjoy your weight loss mission.

11. Dieting And Exercise Work Together


Your focus should be on both exercise and dieting. Both of them work together. If you are just focusing any of them and ignoring the other then it is near to impossible to achieve your goal.

12. Seek An Expert’s Advice


It is important to get the advice of an expert. You should visit a nutritionist or a doctor to discuss your plan with him. He will guide you better in this regard whether your plan is effective for you or you need to change it.

13. Duration Of Workout isn’t A Key to Lose Weight but Intensity is


Some people focus on the duration of a workout routine, but you need to focus on the intensity of your workout. If you are exercising with high intensity then you may lose more weight in less time.

14. Plan a Proper Diet for you

You need to keep this fact in mind that everybody is different so the requirements of your body are also different from the other. You need to plan your diet according to the needs of your body not just by looking at others. A nutritionist can better help you.

15. Sleep Is A Secret To Weight Loss

Good Sleep

Last but not the least, you need to take a good sleep. According to researches, almost seven hours of sleep let you live a healthy life.

Add these practices to your life to live a healthy life. Best of luck with your fitness plan!

Author Bio: I am Andrea, a professional writer, who has extensive experience in working on different types of health & beauty topics. I have an interest in the field of aesthetic surgery. My passion brings me here to work with Dubai Cosmetic Surgery as an editor. I am a writer by day and a reader by night.


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