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Madonna will save you from the more serious danger than COVID-2019

May 20
18:58 2021

A dangerous virus has taught people to live waiting for external danger. Madonna believes this is even good. This is good because people have become less reckless now. They are more prepared to face a real threat. Negative emotions can destroy not only the external but also the inner world of a person which is much more valuable.

Madonna is enlightened woman and temple priestess. Her Spiritual Master is Sri Aurobindo. Possesses clairvoyance, the energy of the goddess, the talent of instant opening of predestination, spiritual growth and healing abilities. Besides, she is leader charity movements all over the over. Every day she helps women all around the world, with advice and deed, to become empowered, healthy and happy.

This is unserious

If you are unaware of danger, that does not mean you are safe, but quite the contrary. This is exactly the conditions of people when Madonna* meets them. It happens because they don’t know that negative emotions are the most toxic poison, which kills not only a person but also his loved ones. Elimination of this ignorance is the most important task of Madonna, which for more than 20 years of practice has saved hundreds of thousands of women from emotional suicide. As a matter of priority, Madonna helps women who create emotional weather, starting from each family, and spreading influence throughout the entire planet Earth, and even far beyond its borders.

Running downstairs is easier than running upstairs

Why is experiencing negative emotions so easy and even pleasant? Why do movies and news about suffering and scandal capture the attention of millions of people so quickly? Madonna believes that being offended, angry, or annoyed is like running down – it is so easy! Since childhood, each of us sees examples of negative emotions from relatives, friends, and the media. At that, a person’s energy burns out like a match, leaving a painful taste, the same as from drinking alcohol. Madonna warns that condemnation kills much faster than smoking, and as for offense, it is more dangerous than diamorphine.

On the other hand, joy, gratitude, love, and tenderness are more difficult to live through. This is because such emotions require a higher level of energy. Oh, and of course that’s not all! In youth, everyone has a lot of energy, but what do we use it for? We need advanced skills of making conscious efforts of joy. We need to learn how to direct vital energy to lofty experiences and share it with other people. And here is another secret – you cannot be happy alone.

During 30 years of continuous practice Madonna has become a powerful source of subtle spiritual energy for those who are ready to study and help other people. It is not easy, but extremely rewarding! It is confirmed by hundreds of positive reviews from grateful students of

The secret of prosperity

Everyone knows that if the manager is in a bad mood, then you should not expect successful deals, large incomes, and additional free time from work. The atmosphere in the office is tense, and not only the employees but also clients want to run away from there as soon as possible. The same is regarding your family or friends.

Madonna shares simple and effective techniques, by which her students can cut the tension in any team. The classes and seminars of Madonna help the students to receive the invaluable experience of conscientious cultivating and sharing of positive emotions to the surrounding people.

Benevolence, calmness, and confidence become a real magnet for prospective customers and profitable situations. Such women become the most important participants in all processes, regardless of job skills. And, of course, such women are given a free hand to create partnerships with the noblest and most inspiring people.


I worked as a nurse in a public hospital and had a modest income. I never had a chance to go to medical school, but I felt very attracted to medicine and helping sick people.
My husband could not understand me, and we parted, destroying the happy childhood of our daughter. It seemed to me that the doctors would always look through me like I was nothing. Although I felt how to help a patient, I couldn’t do it. My daughter pretended not to hear me crying at night. It seemed that her life would be the same miserable as mine.

But Madonna changed everything! On the advice of a patient who looked happy even with a broken arm, I started studying in online classes.
Thanks to webinars and practices, I realized that the world is not going to please me. On the contrary, I can become a source of joy myself.

Every morning I do inspiring practices from Madonna! All day long after the practices I feel like there is a pleasant music playing in me. My patients began to recover so quickly that even the head physician of the hospital noticed it.

Three months after the start of the online course, I was offered to undergo training at the expense of a charity fund, and one of the best surgeons accepted me to his team. I am sure that such miracles have happened to me thanks to the energy I received from Madonna. A few months ago, one of my grateful patients asked me to marry him. Madonna advised us to know more about each other and take our time because we are adults and it is important for us to help each other to develop ourselves. I wish every woman to become a student of Madonna to make her life 100% better!

The path to happiness
In this article Madonna is ready to share the method of a happy life:

  • Mark the moment when the negative emotion is about to emerge. You may need the long observation of yourself at a time of experiencing negative emotions. What does your body feel? What are your facial expressions, gestures, and thoughts?
  • When you are alone, try to replicate this emotion. Start with facial expressions, gestures, and exaggerate them. Try to make it in such a way that the ugliness and stupidity of their manifestations become obvious. It is easier to do this in a group of like-minded people or online classes of Madonna.
  • Tune in to a conductor of positive energy you have a connection with. Ask for help in transforming energy into higher experiences, positive emotions, good luck, or health. You can get in touch with Madonna at individual online consultations and webinars.
  • Transfer the received energy into a prayer for loved ones, spread it to all people, direct the positive energy to the image of what you really want, what you dream about.
  • Thank for the help and dance to the positive, energetic music.

Madonna wishes every woman to learn how to make conscious efforts of joy to save beauty, love, the happiness of children and loved ones, and life itself on planet Earth from destruction! Learn more about the help of Madonna on her website and YouTube channel.

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Note: This is a sponsored article.

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