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Shakuntali Siberia and the secret of Happiness & Spirituality (Sponsored)

Shakuntali Siberia and the secret of Happiness & Spirituality (Sponsored)
May 14
17:38 2020

Shakuntali Siberia reveals the secrets of Cosmic Laws, True Happiness, Spirituality, Enlightenment, and Blessed Difficulties

Note: This is a sponsored post and we got paid for adding the links to the Shakuntali Siberia website.

What does it mean to lead a spiritual life? How to integrate spirituality into real life? How to take difficulties in life as a blessing? How to find time for living a spiritual life and having family and children? What is enlightenment? These are the most frequent questions Shakuntali Siberia is asked by journalists as well as by people coming to her seminars. We have decided to publish the sacral knowledge she shares in this article.

True Happiness and Spirituality

Shakuntali Siberia explains very profoundly that every person wants to be happy, but unfortunately, people don’t know what true happiness is. And this is the major problem on the way to both happiness and spirituality.
“People think, that when they buy a new car, they will be happy forever”, she says. People think that will become totally happy when they buy an amazing dress, or when they find a perfect job, or when they move into a dream house. But they forget that all the material things give only temporary happiness and you should look for happiness in a different place.

According to Shakuntali Siberia study, true happiness is in spiritual development. In fact, it is much deeper. It is in a vital uniting spiritual life and real life. Without the spiritual part, we can not be happy in society, since it gives us energy. Shakuntali Siberia brings a parallel here: when you want to make tea you need fire, otherwise, you fail, the same is with society: when you want to manage your life you need spirituality, otherwise, you fail. This is a cosmic law, that everyone needs to know.
Being happy is the first step to spirituality. But unfortunately, nobody told us in our childhood how we should live to be happy. We did not have lessons of happiness at school… How to be happy any time anywhere? How to make an action and feel happiness in every action you make? Shakuntali Siberia says that she cannot explain theoretically how it works, but you need to start living a happy life and to bring spirituality into it daily.

For you to start doing it Shakuntali Siberia has shared a very simple but fundamental and effective spiritual practice, that is awakening God in people. Every person can start doing this practice already today. She calls this practice “a kind word”. The magic is to first tell a person some good thing when you see him and then do the rest you wanted. As soon as you start doing this practice you will see that you have become a true magician. And you will feel how you are becoming more and more spiritual. This happens because when you use “a kind word” people are going through a transformation right in front of your eyes. They become happy, and this is true spirituality.


Shakuntali Siberia gives an example from her private life: “From my very childhood I wanted to help people but I didn’t know how to do it. You know my story and that my childhood was very difficult, If not you may watch it on YouTube. When my abilities started to unclose and I started to openly share them with people, I could see illnesses that started to awaken, I could see their future but they were not ready to hear that. And at that moment I decided that I will keep silence, but I will be doing a very simple thing, I will open God in people. And I started to do it from 6 years old. And I opened God in people. Do you want to know how I managed to do it?”

Exactly using the practice Shakuntali Siberia advised you. And when you come to her events, just come to her. Shakuntali Siberia will look into your eyes and she will tell you, who you are. And you will continue a great spiritual way together.

If you want to ask her something, let us know in the comments section below.

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