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The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Hair Extensions

The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Hair Extensions
August 01
16:44 2018

What is Hair Extensions?

There’s nothing worse than having a day with bad hair. You can use some hair care tips listed here or otherwise keep reading. Most hair extensions especially quality ones are made of pure human hair, and there are tips you need to know to keep them looking lovely and long-lasting.  This is very important especially if you are thinking of getting hair extensions for the first time. It’s all about understanding the steps to take in caring for your hair and mistakes you should avoid in order not to ruin that quality piece of hair you just got.  When you are all dressed up and looking flawless, your hair extensions should perfect your style. While some of these steps might be tough, they are certainly worth it so here are some Do’s and Don’t you need to know about hair extensions before you commit a fashion faux pas outside.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts of Hair Extensions

The Do’s of Hair Extensions

  1. Do shampoo your hair extensions at least twice a week; this is important because dirt can lead to infections on the scalp.
  2. Do apply hair conditioner to the middle and tips of your hair and don’t over condition the roots or base.
  3. Do use a hair shampoo that is perfect for your hair type and makes sure to ask your hairstylist if you don’t know any.
  4. Do brush your hair extensions daily especially during summer
  5. Do use a loop brush to brush out your hair extensions
  6. Do comb your hair from the end to the top. It releases any stress from the extensions and prevents shedding and tangling. Nothing frustrating than a tangled hair
  7. Do always brush your hair extensions in a downward motion.
  8. Do brush your hair extensions before to going to bed.
  9. Do keep your hair extensions always clean, especially after engaging in any activity that makes you sweat like exercising as dirt can build up leaving the extensions dirty.
  10. Do always put on a swimming cap to swim
  11. Do ensure you rinse your hair the moment after you swim, it is important that you do not allow your hair to dry with chlorine in it as this can cause your hair extensions to swell and cause tangling.
  12. Do sleep on a lovely silk or satin pillowcase because they won’t catch and yank on your hair at night as cotton pillowcases do. You can also use silk or satin scarf or caps
  13. Do tie your hair in a bun before going to bed to prevent your extensions from tangling.
  14. Do wear a loose braid to sleep.
  15. Do try clip-ins in as a safe option to sewn in. Clip-ins are easy to attach and remove.
  16. Do book hair maintenance appointments with your hairstylist about every six to eight weeks.
  17. Do visit a professional hair technician or stylist to get the best from your extensions. Remember the point of using extensions is to add more length and volume without it being detectable.
  18. Do choose your hairstyle carefully because not all hairstyles work well with hair extensions.

The Don’ts of Hair Extensions

  1. Do not to scrub or rub your hair while washing as you can weaken the roots
  2. Do not stress your keratin or tape-in bonds when washing, remember to be gentle
  3. Don’t use a curling iron near the base of the hair extensions
  4. Do not brush your hair extensions while they are wet as they can get tangled easily
  5. Do not use bristle or nylon brushes on your extensions as they can pull on the tangles thereby reducing its lifespan.
  6. Do not set your hair extensions in a ponytail as they can add weight to your extension bonds thereby weakening them.
  7. Don’t always depend on hair extensions. It is important to take hair breaks and expose your natural hair and scalp to air thereby keeping it healthy. To avoid having a bald scalp, always take breaks between extensions.
  8. Don’t take a risk by trying hair extensions for the first time on special occasions like weddings, birthdays or any big celebration. This is because you need to be sure that you are not allergic to a bond or glue and you need to be certain that the hair extension method is perfect for you to use for that occasion. It is advisable to test your hair extensions a few days to a week to a special event.
  9. Don’t go for hair extension strands that are a different texture or color from your natural hair, it is better to style your hair the same
  10. Don’t have a mixture of curled and straight hair extensions on your hair. It is not classy plus you will look confusing to the average onlooker If you are curling your natural hair, curl the hair extensions too. Keep it classy
  11. Don’t wear visible lace-front as it pulls your skin tight giving you an obvious fake hairline
  12. Do not style your hair extensions without using products that protect your hair. Hair extensions need to be well taken care of so before styling with a curling iron use a heat protector to protect your extensions
  13. Do not perm or relax extensions as it is not recommended because it weakens the extensions
  14. Don’t use too much hairspray on your extensions
  15. Do not color your hair yourself, if you must then visit a professional hair stylist
  16. Do not use hair extensions that have already worn out. Instead of using them, take a hair break and enjoy your natural hair while saving up to buy a new hair.
  17. Do not slip with clip-in extensions because they become painful after an extended period of wearing them

It is important to learn the do’s and don’ts of how to wash, condition, style and brush your new hair extensions as these will help to extend the quality and durability of your hair.  With these excellent tips, your hair will keep on looking lovely, and you will stay fabulous always.  Remember also to ask questions when you are in doubt, and we will answer them.

Do you have any dos and don’ts of hair extensions you would like to share?

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