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Know the Benefits of sulfate free shampoo

Know the Benefits of sulfate free shampoo
November 12
11:39 2016

Before trying to understand sulfate free shampoo benefits, it is important for you to know what is sulfate exactly. Also, you are to know why it is not good for your hair and its usage needs to be stopped immediately.

Sulfate free shampoo reviews – What is sulfate?

Sulfate is actually sodium lauryl sulfate also called SLS. It is actually a chemical which is harsh in nature and used in several commercial products. This chemical is used often in the kitchen cleaning solutions. It is rather a drying agent and a grease cutter. Also, it is a surfactant. Surface tension is reduced by the attractant. Hence, instead of 2 tiny water drops, then combine easily to become one big drop. Also, it permits the mixing of water and oil. This is something that does not take place in normal conditions. It is because surface tension tends to keep each as its own entity.

Why use sulfate free shampoo and conditioner?

Sulfate can cut grease present in-house cleaners. It does have the capacity to destroy natural oils present in hair. Without natural oil, your hair is likely to turn frizzy. The scalp also would lack essential natural lubricants. Your body would start making more oil. This becomes an automatic vicious cycle with regular washing of the hair. Your scalp starts to turn oily along with your forehead since the sulfate shampoo most of the times falls on it. It is here that SLS free shampoo can prove to be more of a boon.

Why use sulfate free shampoo – Its benefits

One of the major benefits to be derived from using Sulfate free shampoo is that the hair remains healthy. It does not get stripped of its natural oil. Thus, your hair remains shiny and smooth. Healthy hair does grow much stronger and faster while keeping breakage to the bare minimum. Sulfate free shampoo is considered as healthy hair shampoo.

The other benefit derived from using SLS free products is the skin. The scalp will be able to retain its natural oil even after regular usage of organic shampoo and conditioner products. This way, it is able to achieve a kind of homeostasis. It can prove to be a great, healthy change for the skin and hair. Also, it can assist you in saving precious money that you need to spend on those expensive corrective procedures.

Sulfate free shampoo benefits hair loss – Its effectiveness

The truth is that sulfate free products are very much effective similar to that of the sulfate-based ones. Rather, they are much safer for the hair and the scalp. Although they do not lather much, the cleansing result is just fabulous. You need to understand that lather does not have much to do with the cleansing abilities. It is your health and hair that you should be concerned about. It is here that SLS free products tend to win over its counterpart and recommended by the hair and health specialists.

Using this product regularly, you can have good hair growth that is sure to enhance your beauty and looks.

Conclusion: Sulfate free conditioners and shampoos are undoubtedly effective in providing you with rich, thick, beautiful hair.

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