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10 Ways to Conquer Your Fear of Getting STD Test

January 08
23:17 2019

For many people, the decision to carry out an STI test is not an easy choice to make. But when you eventually take the bull by the horns, you’ll likely find the entire process less scary than it seems because testing is a normal thing to do, and you’ll be joining the grades of savvy young people taking control over their sexual health.

Ways to fight your fears when out to get tested for STIs

Choose a Comfortable Testing Environment for you

Don’t go where you don’t feel comfortable getting tested. Preferably, choose an environment that matches what kind of person you are. If you’d love to go somewhere private away from the prying eyes of the public then so be it, leave public places for those who feel more comfortable where people are. Choosing a suitable testing environment will help calm your nerves. If not sure where to go search the internet for STD Testing Near Me.

Remember that Getting Tested is Common

Getting screened for STDs is a rare discussion among people, and if that is the situation around you, it may be difficult to consent to a test as it would seem an unusual move to make. Quite the reverse, it is both popular and healthy.

Keep in mind that taking tests is a common, healthy exercise to ensure a good sex life. Couples should have conversations on the importance of getting tested together for their future wellbeing. Remember, just changing they you talk and think about testing can help reduce some of your fears.

STIs Are Treatable, don’t worry!

Always remember STIs are treatable, including HIV, and most are curable. You can control the severe effects of these STIs and prevent enduring health problems if you seek early treatment. So you can walk into the room a little confident knowing you have a way out even if the results turn out positive. Plus, the only way to learn your status is to go through screening.

Talk the Talk or Walk the Walk with your Partner

One way to battle you fear to talk about them. The same applies to chat about STI screening if you’re panicky. According to a Kaiser Family Foundation research, 78% of young adults would be happy if their partner proposed a test, and another 89 percent felt suggesting a test depicted their partners were responsible.

When introducing this convo, start small (by capturing your partner’s attention) and then grow big by getting to the details of what you what and why it is critical to have it. You might be shocked by how cooperative your partner is, and also get inspired knowing your mate is positive about it. Taking tests and learning your status is a sign you care about yourself and your significant other.

Boost your confidence by taking Online Quizzes

If you need guidance or assistance on where to start then, you can always discuss with a doctor. However, today there are online platforms that offer online quizzes that suggests the STI(s) that you should test for and why.

These quizzes can help clear the air for you when you don’t understand if you’re at risk for some STIs, or cannot remember what you should ask the doctor when you visit. What’s more, the quiz will help explain some of your questions— and for you; the fewer questions, the fewer the butterflies you’ll have to stomach when the moment of testing reaches.

Conduct a DIY Home Test with a Kit

So you have your reasons for not attending a clinic or visiting a doctor to get tested? Well, that’s fine too, because new-age medical tech can enable you to conduct tests at the comfort of wherever you are.

You can do tests online or use mail from online service providers like who enable you to order kits online, take a test at home (through saliva, swab, urine, or blood drop) and get results in 1 to 5 days. But this form of testing will still need a doctor’s visit if the results turn out positive, have further questions, or experience other symptoms.

Acknowledge and Deal with Your Stigma

Another way to fight your STI testing fears is to acknowledge your stigma and start dealing with it. If you can handle your stigma surrounding these tests, then you may be able to boost your confidence levels.

Demystify the many myths & misunderstandings surrounding STIs; it will make you more comfortable taking the test. It’s important to remember that STIs don’t make us any less excellent or worthy of our lives.

Do Your Research

Carry out research on testing procedures and knowing what to expect puts you a step ahead. The fear of the unknown is bound to pop up and could lead to anxiety.

Learn in advance how many hours, the wait times, costs, testing procedures, and whatever you’re being tested for after picking an appointment date. Developing a set plan, and an understanding of the processes may help keep you from anxiety.

Change how you think

If you are still afraid of a positive result, because, in the end, you’re at a medical appointment and you’ll always find a way around those worries.

The reality of a positive result scares people most. Folks fear to test as positive that they don’t even realize that the most effective defensive behavior is to carry out a test. So all the time you find yourself running around the fear circles of having an STI, retell yourself that the most positive move you can take to prevent one.

Take a Friend

If you can’t go to a testing centre on your own, then it is best to have a friend accompany you. Bring along a supportive friend to ease the process.

Bringing a pal and discussing your fears can help minimize some of the associated stress. Studies suggest that sharing fears and secrets with trusted friends is linked with several health benefits.

Wrapping Up

You don’t have to fear, practice these simple steps to ensure the next visit to your doctor’s clinic is stress-free.

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