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Understanding in Depth About Hair Braid Extensions

November 21
12:12 2016

Depending upon the situation and your levels of personality, you can spot different hairstyles to grace the occasion. Some women wear a braid for an occasional change and braids look good with long hair. If you are not lucky enough to have long hair, then you cannot grow your hair quickly to braid it. So, the only option left with you is to opt for fake hair extensions. Now one can shop for different types of braids depending upon their style as well as budgets. You can purchase a braided hair and add it on to your natural hair. But before you undertake this endeavor, you need to choose the form of extension you are considering and the type of hairstyle you are looking to replicate.

Types of hair extensions

There are two types of braid hair extension in the market. You can pick the synthetic version or the natural human one. There are also fake ones in the market, which opt for a combination of the above two. Their quality varies according to the type of hair extensions used. Out of the lot, the human ones are the best as they look natural and can be cleaned when necessary.

Once you have got the quality measure intact, the next step is to secure it on to your hair and braid it in a perfect manner. Before you undertake the process, you need to ascertain what type of braiding you are about to do. Some opt for pre-colored or pre-curled. All these points should be kept in mind while choosing fake hair. You can opt for fake ones of different shades and textures for your braid and some of them are not suited for it literally. Avoid slippery hairs as it may not provide you with durable and secure braids. The ideal scenario would be to adopt a combination of natural and fake hair and divide them into three sections to form three strands. The fake hair can be glued or clipped to the root of the natural hair.

Hair braids can be done at your own vigil

If you are longing for long hair, there are so many mechanisms involved to change the length. One can adopt the method of French braiding where you can start at the top and braid backward so that the pattern of the braid is vertical. At the end of the braid, it should be secured with a hair band. You can continue with this process until you have braided all your hair except the hair you have left at the top and around the perimeter of your head. Now the ends have to be sewed against your head. Once it is done, you can then think of adding the hair extensions to it.

Human braid hair is the best of the lot as it is natural, and it can serve you for a long time if proper care is taken of it. It might be a tinge expensive, but it is bound to last for a long time.

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