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Top 10 Tips For More Fair and Shiny Skin

Top 10 Tips For More Fair and Shiny Skin
July 26
10:59 2014

It is the desire of every person to have a radiant, fair and glowing skin. Industries have been making millions of money every day from beauty products. There has always been a growing demand for such products all promising to deliver that fresh, young and healthy look instantly. No one wants to look old! You need to worry about going to beauty parlors or purchasing expensive beauty products. You are a few steps to achieving that fair and shiny look you have always desired. The good news is that you have everything you may require right at your kitchen!

Top 10 things to make your skin more fair and shiny:

1. Pineapple: Makes you skin fair and toned

This one is the super fruit. Extract half a cup pineapple juice. Apply it gently on your face. Let it sit for 15 minutes then wash it using cold water and pat dry. Do it twice a day for two weeks .Your skin will look fairer and well-toned.

2. Tomatoes: Get Pinkish Glow


Mash a ripe tomato to form a paste. Apply it on your face and wash it off after 5 -10 minutes. Do it twice or thrice a day for that pinkish glow.

3. Papaya: For Fair skin tone

papaya paste

Mash a piece of ripe papaya to form a paste. Apply thrice a day before washing your face. You will achieve a fair skin tone within two weeks.

4. Lemon: Use it for brighter shiny skin

It has bleaching properties. Rub half a lemon on your face once or twice a day. Rinse well after five minutes. You will gradually get a brighter, shiny skin in no time. Lemon is acidic in nature hence can be irritating to the skin.

5. Natural yoghurt: Moisturize your skin

Drinking yoghurt is very healthy to the skin. Apply a few spoonful of natural yoghurt on your skin. leave it for 10 minutes then wash it off. It will moisturize your skin giving it that revitalized look.

6. Coconut oil /milk: Fair Skin

Apply coconut milk or oil regularly on you face to get a flawless fair skin.

7. Honey and Lemon juice: Results in Glowing Shiny Skin

Mix equal measurement of honey and lemon juice. Massage the mixture on the skin then leave to dry. Rinse with warm water. It leaves you with a shiny, glowing skin.

8. Milk, Honey & Rice- mix equal parts of milk & honey: Face cleanser

Add a few grains of rice to make a natural face scrub. Apply the mixture then leave to dry before exfoliating dead skin to give way to rejuvenated, fair skin.

9. Water: Look Younger

Drinking eight or more glasses of water detoxifies your body and hydrates your skin making it healthy and younger looking.

10. Healthy Diet: Removes Skin Impurities

Proper diet consisting of large quantities of fruits and fresh vegetables rids the body of impurities which make the skin dull.

Achieving a fair and shiny skin is a gradual process. You need to be consistent in your daily skin care routine. Natural remedies are good because they are readily available and have no side effects.

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