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5 Natural Treatments for Anxiety

5 Natural Treatments for Anxiety
July 23
21:41 2020

Our life consists of many elements and anxiety is one of them. We as humans feel different kinds of anxiety and sometimes cause serious damage to our overall health. Anxiety is one of the most common mental health problems with symptoms such as nervousness, tension, agitation, etc.

We feel anxious in numerous ways when taking a test, before making an important decision, when someone we care about gets sick and more. In the case of anxiety disorder, the problems are quite serious and need proper therapy or medication. Our aim is to give you tips to better manage anxiety and stress. In this article, we will list the 5 natural treatments for anxiety, remedies that will help you feel calmer.

5 Natural Treatments & Remedies for Anxiety

1. Physical activity

Physical activity can only bring good to your mental health and can really be beneficial against anxiety. Any exercise, in general, comes with benefits for the brain, because when exercising we increase a protein in the brain that convinces us that something we initially thought is dangerous really is not. We recommend at least 3 hours of walking and running a week in nature.

Physical activity

But even other types of fitness and exercising work, as long as you get moving. Other outdoor activities such as rock climbing are very beneficial for many people to reduce anxiety and depression. Exercising helps us be more confident, trusting ourselves and others, and enjoy the moment. Much scientific research on the field of anxiety, stress, and depression suggests that physical activity can also help people with the anxiety of quitting smoking or other addictions.

So, we suggest you get moving, walk more, get out, and enjoy nature. Exercising is the best natural remedy for fighting all sorts of health issues, not just anxiety. Walking, running, or getting more time out should be a daily routine if you want a healthy life.

2. Better time management and meditation

One of the most common factors that cause anxiety is bad time management. We may feel very anxious if we have to take care of a lot of things at once. And this not only involves our own business but also family and friends or colleagues. Our daily life consists of our work, family, friends, and physical activity or relaxation. So, if we manage to create and keep track of a plan for the things we do daily, it can really help us get rid of anxiety. Of course, this can not be done in a day, instead, we should have continuity and never quit.

Our main problem is the bad management of daily tasks. Better time management can lead people to focus on one task at a time and get rid of stressful multitasking habits. We suggest you write paper-planners by hand or also keep an online calendar on your phones. These ways may feel a bit strange to you in the beginning because you were used to doing things without any plan, but in the long run, you will feel the results.

Another thing you can do is meditation, as it helps manage stress and anxiety easier. Meditation during yoga can really help slow racing thoughts and improve mood.

3. Eat healthier or improve your diet

Eat healthier or improve your diet

Improving your diet can bring many benefits to your mental health. Eating fewer sweets can improve anxiety scores by 30 percent. Healthy eating is really important because what we eat directly impacts the beneficial bacteria in our microbiome. This results in producing mood-improving chemicals in our brain such as serotonin. We recommend you include chamomile tea in your diet because it can alter levels of stress hormones. Magnesium is also really important because taking 500 mg of magnesium results in lower anxiety scores. Comfort foods such as spinach and black beans contain a considerable amount of magnesium, so we suggest making space in your diet for these two as well.

4. Get more sleep or spend more time with animals

Anxiety may keep us awake at night, unfortunately. In fact, most of us need something from 7 to 9 hours of sleep nightly, and we should do our best to get more sleep. Power down your electronics such as your phone, laptop, or TV and do everything else you can to sleep earlier. Better sleeping experience can really improve mood and relieve anxiety and stress.

Another thing that helps is spending time with animals. Pet owners claim that pets offer a lot of love, companionship, and support, thus helping people who suffer a variety of mental health disorders, including our main topic, anxiety. So, spending time outdoors or indoors with cats, dogs, and other pets will have many benefits. This kind of remedy can also help reduce anxiety and stress associated with the effects of trauma.

5. CBD (cannabidiol)


One of the most famous natural remedies to fight anxiety lately is CBD. CBD products such as CBD oil have significant potential to reduce anxiety and stress. CBD oil is a derivative of hemp, which is a Cannabis Sativa strain, different from marijuana. Hemp contains a significant amount of CBD and less than 0.3% THC or no THC at all, in order to be legal by federal law in most countries.

CBD oil itself does not contain THC at all, and that is really important. Why? Because THC or tetrahydrocannabinol can cause addiction and the “high effect”. Since there is no THC on CBD oil, it is readily available without prescription in healthcare shops or many other types of stores these days. CBD oil can be found in online retailers also at cheaper prices.

This cannabinoid has a long list of therapeutic properties and taking it can impressively improve our overall health. Before going for it though, we suggest you make a visit to your doctor for more information. These days the doctors are really updated with CBD products and can give you valuable advice on the way you will take CBD and the dosage. We recommend you start in small doses and increase the percentage until you find the one that fits your age and weight.

In conclusion, we can say that untreated anxiety can cause more stress and problems in our daily life. So, using the natural remedies we wrote above can really help us manage stress and anxiety and change our life for the better. We may need to try a lot of therapies or remedies before finding the one that works. In the end, we encourage you to follow all of the above remedies because you can expect only good results from them as they are natural.

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