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How to Make Almond Milk Using a Juicer?

How to Make Almond Milk Using a Juicer?
January 22
17:49 2018

Almond milk is an alternative to dairy milk and soy milk, and people who have lactose intolerance, and also are intolerant to soy milk, or just do not like both or either, can easily enjoy almond milk instead. Almond milk gives you the option to enjoy the goodness of milk without indulging in any health hazards or problems such as milk intolerance or gassiness, bloating etc, which may cause by normal milk. Almond milk is an extract almond and that has all the goodness of it. It also contains vitamins and proteins, other nutrition. If your customers love almond milk, or prefer it, or ask for it, then you can get the business ready for your own setup to produce almond milk in good batches. That’s right; you can produce almond milk in bulk commercially for daily use. It is possible by using a commercial almond milk juicer.

What is an almond milk juicer?

An almond milk juicer is a commercial juicer, which is meant to give you high-quality almond milk easily in a few simple steps and can be extracted in bulk. The juicer has sharp blades and is steady to help you produce almond milk by crushing almonds right and making a very good paste. That is why these special almond milk juicers are important for commercial purposes, especially in places such as restaurants, health clubs, gyms and other such places, where people are conscious about what they are drinking.

How to make Almond Milk using Almond Milk Juicer?

Making almond milk is a very simple process when you have the right juicer for this jo. Here is how you do this.

  • First, soak the almonds overnight or at least for 8 hours.
  • After soaking, drain the water, and then rinse the almonds well a few times till the cloudy water on rinsing turns clean.
  • Now again add water to almonds, and the proportion has to be 3 parts of water for 1 part of almond.
  • Set the juicer and add the almonds to it until the juicer vessel is full.
  • Now run the juicer, and what you get is nice and smooth almond milk, which is slightly frothy for being freshly produced.

These are pretty simple steps for making almond milk commercially, and you can extract almond milk in a number of liters. For your business, it is advised to opt for a high-quality juicer, and also you need to observe that the juicer lasts for long with optimal maintenance. However, a few things need to be checked while buying a juicer. Have a look at them:

  • The juicer should be a machine only dedicated to making almond milk for commercial as well as household uses
  • It should not retain pulp in the milk, and should fully filter the milk
  • The blades should be strong enough to last for years and produce good quality almond milk every time

Also, do keep in mind that you need to soak the almonds well before passing them through the juicer blades. As nuts are hard and can break any juicer blade. But soaked almonds are great for crushing, as they become soft after soaking.

Where do you get almond milk juicers?

You can get almond milk juicers for commercial use at juicer and mixer stores and outlets, and you can also search online. The choice would be yours after you do thorough research on the brand, the product model. As it would be a commercial purpose machine, you must look for some aspects such as usability, operability, ease of maintenance, after-sales service, design and looks, space.

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