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Knee Replacement Surgery: Best Hospitals for the surgery

December 29
14:37 2016

What Are the Risks Involved in Knee Replacement Surgery?

At present, knee replacement surgery is a very common procedure to get rid of the pain and inconvenience of a damaged knee joint. Almost 90% of the patients with knee joint problems and complications from osteoarthritis undergo partial or full knee replacement surgery procedures. These procedures are absolutely safe and secured. The percentage of patients complaining of complications during or after the surgery is only 2 or even fewer. The risk of catching infection is the single most dangerous threat to the patients after knee replacement. But that has also been found out to occur in less than 2% of cases. Complications or negative after-effects may include:


  • Incessant pain
  • Blood clotting
  • Damaged blood vessels in the region
  • Infection

Knee Replacement Surgery

Before going for the knee replacement surgery, you must get in touch with a surgeon who is well known and experienced in knee replacement in India. He will be able to first advise you whether to go for total and partial knee replacement. There are also other aspects that you need to think about before saying the final ‘yes’ to the surgery. Check out the cost involved, how many days you need to remain in the confines of the bed, how good is the follow – up procedure by the hospital. You must also insist the surgeon let you know about the expectations from the replaced knee joint.

How Good is the Total Knee Replacement Surgery Procedure?

If you are suffering from intense knee – joint pain for a considerably long period of time, and the complications are tending to rise, leading to your almost total immobility, then total knee replacement surgery from a well-known hospital in India is the best solution for you. You will be happy and hopeful to know that the Total Knee Replacement Surgery procedure leaves your knee in a good and functioning condition for at least 10 years.

For some, the working condition of the knee continues beyond 20 years. After having your knee totally replaced from one of the best hospitals in India in knee replacement surgery, you can have the freedom of returning to your normal activities like bending and flexing your knees, sitting down on the ground, walking without a limp. You may also indulge in swimming, cycling, and playing tennis and golf. Thus, you have a better quality of life even at a ripe age, if your non – functioning knees are treated well.

How To Know Whether To Go For Total Knee Replacement

It is the work of your surgeon to weigh all the factors and decide for you whether total knee replacement procedure is suitable for you or not. The major considerations in this regard are:

  • How old the patient is
  • How bad is the knee pain and flexibility of the joint?
  • What the x – ray images of the damaged knee joints reveal
  • How long can the surgery of the knee joint be delayed
  • How good the patient is likely to respond to alternative treatment procedures

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