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4 Key Benefits of Whey Protein

4 Key Benefits of Whey Protein
May 02
17:22 2018

If you are a fitness geek, then you probably used or heard about the many benefits of taking whey protein supplements.

So if you are not yet informed about whey protein and its highly potent effects on your physical performance and physique, then this short but informative post is for you!

Here I’ll discuss the 4 key benefits of whey protein in your overall workout program.

But first,

What is whey protein?

Whey protein is a protein found the water-soluble part of milk. The other part of the protein found in milk is called casein.

As mentioned above, whey is used as a “protein” supplement and you can find hundreds of protein supplement brands online.

The most obvious benefit is to help you in reaching your daily protein goals. Unlike other forms of protein, whey is absorbed faster in the body.

What does this mean? Well, it means that it can help increase muscle protein synthesis.

This protein is safe as it doesn’t harm the liver or kidneys. But, if you have an existing issue with your liver or kidneys, they might exacerbate the problem.

So it is important to exercise caution when taking whey or any other protein supplements that you found online.

So without further ado, here are 4 key benefits of taking this Protein.

4 key benefits of  Whey Protein

1. It Promotes Weight Loss

Yes, it can help you lose weight through different means.

Whey protein does have amino acids which are known to promote weight loss and improves physical performance.

Both isolate and concentrate forms of whey can also increase your energy levels and metabolism, which in turn constitute to massive fat loss.

Also, taking a high dietary protein during an energy deficit combined with intense workout leads to more lean mass growth and increase fat loss.

2. It Helps Lower Blood Pressure

Suffering from hypertension? If yes, then you are at high risk of for heart disease and one way to lower your blood pressure is to incorporate whey protein into your diet.

How does this possible?

Well, this protein has bioactive peptides called lactokinins, its ACE-inhibitors that is proven effective in lowering blood pressure in several animal and human studies.

One significant study was conducted in overweight subjects who took 54 grams per day of whey protein for 12 weeks. The result shows 4% reduction in systolic blood pressure.

3. It Promotes Lean Muscle Growth

These days, taking protein as a means to build lean muscle mass is completely a no brainer!

More and more people rely on whey protein supplements to help improve their physique and muscle definition.

Of course, strength training is the main reason why you slowly build serious muscles. But taking high-protein foods, or protein supplements, has been shown to be an effective muscle growth booster.

How does this protein cause muscle growth? It is primarily because of an anabolic amino acid called leucine, which whey protein has abundant of.

So if you want a perfect whey protein, you must look for a high-grade organic whey protein that is packed with BCAA’s such as leucine.

4. It Can Help Boost Your Immune System

Need antioxidants? If this sounds like you, then you don’t need to depend on your multivitamin to get some as your whey protein supplement will already provide you with a high dose of antioxidants.

The main culprit of this protein being an antioxidant agent is its high cysteine content, another essential amino acid.

Cysteine is known to help boost your body’s natural glutathione level, an antioxidant known to help strengthen your immunity against chronic diseases such as cancers.

A number of studies have found that taking this protein may help lower oxidative stress while increasing your levels of glutathione.

Helps Treat Type 2 Diabetes

A chronic disease that affects millions in the US alone, type 2 diabetes is characterized by high blood sugar levels with impaired function of insulin.

Like other herbs or supplements that help promote healthy blood sugar levels, whey protein also promotes anti-diabetes properties.

According to a study, taking whey supplements along with a high-carb diet has been shown to help lower blood sugar in both healthy individuals and diabetics.

It Helps in Reducing Inflammation

Do you have problems with arthritis, rheumatism, gout or other inflammatory-related diseases? If yes, then taking whey protein can help!

Chronic inflammation should be treated with alarm as it is not just a harmful condition, but it may also be a risk factor for many diseases.

One study about whey protein showed that it can help lower C-reactive protein, a key marker of body inflammation.


So as you can see, this protein isn’t just beneficial for your overall bodybuilding program, but it also promotes a variety of health benefits as well.

Next time you shop for a supplement, why don’t you try taking this protein brand for a change and see what it can really do to your health and wellness!

Author Bio: Perly Rodolfo is a health and wellness advocate and a fitness geek. She mostly spends her time writing various articles and tips regarding weight loss, fitness and does supplement reviews. If you want to know the some of the best whey protein brands online, please “go right here” to learn more.

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