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October 31
16:51 2014

Chicken is the favorite food for many. Not only is it delicious but also very nutritious. It can be prepared in different forms like stew, soup, chili and breast.

The benefits of chicken will depend on the freshness of chicken. When stored in a refrigerator it may lose it nutrition value. Fried chicken is not healthy like one that is boiled.

We are going to look at several benefits of chicken


High Protein

This is the best source of lean protein. This is the ideal bird with low fat protein. Eating chicken aids in muscle growth and development.  For those who want to lose weight it is the best because of its low calories.


It contains high levels of an amino acid called tryptophan that is responsible for the comforting feeling one gets after consuming chicken. Eating chicken enhances the serotonin in your brain encouraging one to sleep.

Increases appetite

Chickens with its deliciousness will never tire anyone. The element zinc found in It helps in maintaining a healthy appetite.

Keeps healthy bones

Chicken contains phosphorous that helps in ensuring healthy bones. It’s soup is very nutritious to women who have given birth. Helps in mending weak bones.

Improves immunity

The minerals that are found in chicken boosts the immune system. It’s soup prepared with pepper helps in fighting colds.

Lowers the risk of Arthritis

The mineral selenium present in chicken aids in reducing the risk of getting arthritis in old age.

Helps children grow

The amino acids that are found in chicken helps children grow healthy and stronger.

Keeps the heart healthy

It is advisable to eat lean chicken because of its lower cholesterol. Cooking without fat or butter will keep the heart healthy because the chicken itself has its own fat.

Lowers the risk of heart attack

High levels of homo cysteine causes heart attack. Chicken reduces the chances of having a heart attack because of its richness in B 6.

Boosts metabolism

Chicken consumption maintains healthy blood vessels. Energy levels will also be high and metabolism burning calories maintaining body weight.

Rich in Niacin

This is among the type B vitamins that helps to prevent cancer and genetically related problems.

 In our today world the many health problems that people are ailing from is through what we eat. A balanced and healthy diet will add you an extra year. Eat healthy!

Nowadays chicken’s business is growing and you can easily find the shops nearby you. In Indian market chicken prices are immensely pocket friendly.

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