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How To Cure Cold & Cough Using Home Remedies

How To Cure Cold & Cough Using Home Remedies
July 18
10:49 2014

Common cold and cough are the most frequent infections that can affect anyone at any time of the season. But, the most important time span when these infections are at their peak is the period between altering seasons. Whether it is the start of winters or the refreshing beginning of the spring season, the altering weather brings the spell of cold and cough too, leaving you with red noses and low-energy levels. So, whenever you feel feeble due to this common cold session apply some home remedies that will help you in gaining your lost strength quickly.

Simple and Speedy Home Remedies

There are multiple quick cures for cold that not only assist you in gaining your lost vigor, but also do not have any side effects. So, try them and save yourself from the upshots of the common cold.

Steam Treatment

The best remedy that always shows the immediate results after you start developing this cold feeling is steam treatment. You just have to inhale the hot steam of water, and it will result in an instant relief from dipping nose and itching cough. Breathe in the steam vapors now and then when you are suffering from cold and your breathing problem due to blockage of nasal fluid will be cured. Similarly, you can add any herbal inhaling cube to the steam fumes for reducing your increased cough sessions.

Drink Hot Soups

Another hot liquid that can make you feel better while you are a victim of the common cold is chicken corn soup. Drink bowls of yummy and hot soup as it is one of the best solutions for cold. It not only gives you the necessary energy, but also assist you in going through this cold by keeping the dizzy feeling away from you.

Salt Water Gargles

Another common cold upshot is scratchy throat that leads to unbearable coughs and causes a lot of pain and discomfort. A simple solution to this ache is salt water gargles. You just have to mix a bit of salt, about ¼ teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water for it. Do these gargles in such a way that the water gets up to your throat ending by facing towards the ceiling. This will help your sore throat and after quick gargles, you will feel relief from constant pain.

Take Rest on a Warm Bed

Also, another simple solution to this cold problem is a warm and cozy room. Take some rest in a warm bed, and you will certainly feel a decrease in the continuous headaches. Appropriate rest also assists you in coping up with your muscular pain and your recovery is comparatively quicker.

Intake Fluids Like Fruit Juice

Additionally, increase your intake of fluids as it saves you from dehydration. You can have water, juices, especially citrus fruit juices and other warm fluids for compensating your body’s water shortage.

In a Nutshell, apply these simple and easy home remedies for curing the common cold, and you will definitely overcome its consequences. Remember, additional medicines not only affect your natural immune system, but also produce harmful consequences. So, follow the natural solutions for curing such diseases and live a healthy life.

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