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How Consumption of Chocolate and Candies Can Affect Your Kid’s Teeth

How Consumption of Chocolate and Candies Can Affect Your Kid’s Teeth
February 24
16:09 2020

Small kids have primary teeth, which are the placeholders for their permanent ones. Excessive consumption of chocolate will lead to the primary teeth falling prematurely. It further can lead to misaligned teeth and some other outbreak problems in the future. 

So, as a parent, you must protect the primary teeth of your kids for them to have healthy permanent teeth in the future. The following information is written to help you better understand the effects of consuming chocolate on your kid’s teeth and what you can do to prevent frequent visits to a dental clinic.

Problems caused by eating excessive chocolates

Chocolate does have its health benefits, but it can stain your kid’s teeth. It also helps in the growth of bad bacteria in your kid’s mouth, which can cause tooth decay, sore throat, and also affect their immune system. In the worst-case scenario, kids can get a cough, which is similar to bronchitis or may even develop an inability to walk. 

Ways to eat chocolate without damaging the teeth

It is said that prevention is better than cure. You can’t stop your kid from eating, but making sure that they use an antibacterial mouthwash can protect their teeth. Here are the ways to eat chocolate without allowing damage to your kid’s teeth.

Stick to dark chocolate

Even the dentist says that dark chocolate is a good cavity fighter, as it contains a large amount of cocoa powder and less amount of sugar. It can also protect your kid’s teeth from bad bacteria, which is responsible for forming plaque in their mouth. Hence, it is an excellent source of natural chemicals to limit the growth of the cavity. 

Limit your kid’s chocolate intake

Don’t go crazy on the chocolate consumption! It’s ok to have a small treat, but gobbling on chocolate isn’t healthy. 

When you eat chocolate, it starts getting mixed with saliva and balance the acids which are formed by the bad bacteria in their mouth. By limiting the intake of chocolate, their tooth enamel will be less affected by cavity-causing acids, and their tooth condition will be optimal.

A simple tip is you can make your kid eat a crunchy fruit like carrot or apple after the consumption of some chocolates or sweets. Doing this will scrub away the stuck chocolate on the teeth.

Make your kid brush twice daily

Ensure that your kids brush for at least 2 minutes during day and night time. Also, tell them not to do it in a rush. Doctors also advise doing spitting rather than rinsing after brushing, as it reduces the effectiveness of fluoride toothpaste. 

Let your kid be aware of the dangerous factors

Kids prefer sweet food over spicy or other food, so it is challenging for parents to balance the meal that keeps their teeth and gums healthy. But the dentist tells parents that there is no danger in letting your kids eat chocolate unless they are aware of the danger factors of sugar and acid on teeth. So, make sure that they know how to fight with the food that contains sugar and acid.

The best chocolate and candies!

When you ask your dentist that if there’s any best chocolate or sweet, you can give to your kid to eat, they will tell you that none of them is best for consumption, as they contain a high amount of sugar. But the good news is that there are some chocolates and candies which are less damaging to oral health. Such chocolates and candies are listed below.

1. Sugarless chocolates and candies

Sugarless chocolates and candies come with stevia, and it is suitable for health as it contains less acid and good bacteria to protect your kid’s teeth. Sugar, which is present in chocolate, creates acid, and it can attack their mouth enamel. Hence, you can give your kids sugar-free chocolate and candies.

2. Candy with nuts

You can offer your kids the sweets which have nuts in it. Nut in chocolate splits the stickiness, which decreases the chances of tooth decay in their mouth. You can keep some nutty chocolate bars at home. It can satisfy your sweet tooth craving and are even better than most of the candy bars.

3. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolates contain less amount of sugar and more amount of cocoa. It is a good source of antioxidants and is rich in minerals. The cocoa content helps in improving human health and decreases the chances of heart diseases. So, you can opt for the dark chocolate for your kids.

The Worst Candies and Chocolates

The main reason for tooth decay is due to the sugar in chocolate on which the bad bacteria is fed. Some chocolates are worse, as they sit on the tooth, and foster more growth of bad bacteria. You can avoid these below mention candies and chocolates, to maintain good dental health.

1. Hard candy

Candies like lollipops or candy canes increase the amount of time your teeth exposed to sugar. While sucking hard candy, saliva fills with sugar and coats the teeth, which leads to more sugar exposure compared to the candy which they eat quickly.

2. Sticky candy

When your kid eats a sticky candy, the chances of getting tooth decay increase as it stays in their mouth for a longer time. Even dry fruit chocolates and candies show a negative effect on tooth. Instead of that, give some fresh fruit as it will not get stuck in teeth. 

3. Sour candy

They contain a high amount of acids, which can leave your kid’s teeth vulnerable to cavities more than any other candy. The acid present in the candy makes it sourer. The acid takes away the enamel of teeth, and leave them exposed to cavities.



Don’t worry if your kid is a huge chocolate lover. You can manage their oral health by keeping their teeth and gums, cavity, and bacteria-free. Always keep an eye on their chocolate consumption and make sure to let them brush every day before night time. Besides that, you can take your kids to an expert dentist regularly for their good oral health. 

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