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Your Child’s Diet for Healthy Teeth

Your Child’s Diet for Healthy Teeth
April 08
00:06 2018

Kids are a tough nut to manage. They always want to have their cake and eat it too, literally and figuratively. Try stopping them from eating chocolates, candies and other sweet stuff and then will throw a big tantrum. This is where parents face a huge challenge in managing their diet. But then, you can’t let your little ones eat what they please – this could have a serious implication on their dental health. Rather, your child’s diet should be linked with their dental health. And you have to make them eat what is helpful for their teeth.

Foods for Healthy Teeth of your child

Here is a list of food items to be included in your child’s diet for healthy teeth.

1. Cheese


Cheese is good for dental health. It gives the teeth vigor and strength. Being a good source of calcium, this popular dairy problem is not only good for teeth but also bone. It’s also rich in vitamin D, vitamin A and vitamin K2 which are essential for maintaining your kid’s dental health. Plus, cheese is also full of probiotic bacteria which can inhibit bacterial growth and prevent tooth decay. So, get it included in your kid’s diet and help boost their dental health.

2. Butter


Butter is a very helpful food for teeth. Apart from being rich in fat-soluble vitamins, it also has a higher amount of fat among all dairy items. This very richness of fat makes it one of the great foods for dental health. In fact, butter can be a great replacement for sugar and this way you can keep your little ones away from any potential dental problems. And yes, it also contains probiotic bacteria to prevent tooth decay.

3. Raw Carrot

carrotFor ages, we’ve been told to eat more of raw carrots to improve the eyesight. Now, take this one also – eat more of them to strengthen your teeth. How? They help in two ways, first they get the jaw moving and ensure strength to teeth; and secondly, they have fiber content which promotes healthy bacteria in the mouth. Carrots are contained other vital nutrients helpful for dental health. Their tough and fibrous content is always very helpful for dental health.

4. Eggs


Eggs should be a must-have in the diet of your child if you are serious about their overall health. A big variety of vitamins and minerals apart, they have fat-soluble vitamins in the same was butter and cheese do have. Chicken eggs are good for giving strength and vigor to your kids’ teeth. The best part, eggs are so versatile than you can serve either as snacks or meal and they will always benefit.

5. Whole fish


Whole fish has the complete range of nutrients and minerals required to maintain healthy teeth for your kids. Like fish, meat too should be part of the diet of your child to give strength to their teeth. Both these foods are a rich source of vitamin A, D and K2 and not to forget, they contain teeth-boosting calcium. Fish, in particular, has more benefits and it should be served to kids on a regular basis.

6. Whole grains


Whole grains are high in fiber and nutritious components which are always beneficial for your dental health. In addition, they are rich in magnesium so they help build tooth enamel. Since they are unrefined, you can expect the child to get something not laced with sugars. This is why whole grains also keep your children away from the risk of cavities.

7. Crunchy Veggies


Crunchy vegetables are good for oral health. They make teeth strong and healthy. With them, your child has to do a lot of chewing which breaks them into particles helpful for scrubbing the tooth. By eating carrots, apples like veggies and fruits, your child can also stop the formation of plaque and keep the teeth free of bacteria.

8. Water


The inclusion of water on the list of foods for healthy teeth should not surprise you at all. The more of it your child drinks the better it will be for their dental health. Liquids devoid of sweeteners are always helpful for teeth and this is where water helps. Vital minerals and elements apart, it works as a scrubber and takes away all food particles and debris that often get stuck onto or between the teeth. Even a kids dentist will recommend drinking plenty of water on a daily basis for superior dental and overall health.


Author Bio: Shashi Das has been associated with a renowned dental clinic and specializes in medical write-ups, health blogs, and lifestyle choices. He shares views on healthy living, suggests oral hygiene tips and kids dentist. Guides people who want to know more about their oral health.

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    Preventing tooth decay in the first step is the most important one because if you are able to save your teeth, you can save yourself from all the pain and payment you would have to pay to a dentist. Food also play an important role in your stopping tooth decay process.

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