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12 Tips to Manage Your Work Life with Elderly Parent at Home

12 Tips to Manage Your Work Life with Elderly Parent at Home
November 10
18:32 2017

Taking Care of Elderly Parents

As you take up the responsibility of caregiving, you’re rarely expecting things to go downhill. In the beginning, it is all working just fine until finally, the process starts draining you and you’re stuck between your work-life and taking care of elderly parents. I’ll tell you to stop thinking for a moment, breathe and relax. Everything is under control and even if it isn’t you can take control; you just need careful planning and persistent execution. So, are you willing to learn how you’re going to balance everything? Read on to find out.

Caregiving: 12 Elderly Care Tips

Taking care of Elderly Parents needs some special guidance and for this, you need to balance between your home and work life. Here you can find some Elderly Care tips:

   1.   Anticipate the Change


Most of the time, problems arise because we never really anticipate what is coming next. I would ask you to prepare yourself to think along the utterly different line since you will now observe a reversal in roles. It’s you taking care of your parents now, so its kind of like everything is upside down.

  1. Take your Time

Don’t rush it! There’s no hurry when you’re always making attempts to get through with everything as soon as possible; you might agitate your elderly parent in the process. Let the process unfold all by itself and see where it takes both of you.

  1. Talk to Your Boss


I would advise you to talk to your boss about your caregiving responsibility. Hiding doesn’t help; it will only make things more terrible for you. So make sure you let your employer know that you have to cater to the needs of your parent. I’m sure your employer would be helpful and considerate about everything.

  1. Give Them Their Freedom


You might be getting overworked, but you’re probably overlooking the fact that you’re giving their parents any freedom. Unless they’re cognitively impaired, a lot of elderly parents can take care of several of their matter by themselves. So you should let them perform some of their tasks and give them the freedom to make their own choices. This will provide them with a sense of security and self-confidence.

  1. Seek Their Advice


Sometimes, kids don’t share the problems they encounter during caregiving with their parents because they’re afraid that the parents might get hurt. However, if they tactfully converse with the parents and communicate the shortcomings they’re suffering from in the process, they might be surprised by the results. Talk to them about the work management issues, and seek their advice.

  1. Care Providers


Your best friends during the caregiving time are the people who take care of your elderly parent. The cleaning person who comes across the house each morning, the newspaper boy, the part-time nurse; everyone who checks up on your beloved parent now and then is doing your job for you. So be thankful to those people and stay in touch with them more often. The help you get the burden off your shoulders sometimes.

  1. Ask Your Spouse for Help


I know it is not your spouse’s responsibility to check up on your parents or take care of them, but if you have a housewife or if your spouse is a stay-at-home dad then you may seek their help with taking care of the elderly parent because they apparently have more time and energy than you to spare. Plus, since they are at home it will be easier for them.

  1. Call From Office


Every single day! At least in the lunch break. You should make sure that they are doing fine; remind them of their medicine and food. Let them know you will be coming back home soon. It will just reduce their loneliness to a degree, and I am sure you will feel happier about it. I call my parents at least twice during my office hours because it keeps me satisfied, I don’t have to worry whether they are doing okay or not.

  1. Have Me Time


Just because you’re too caught up in the work routine, you shouldn’t get carried away and you definitely should stop taking caring of yourself. You will realize that it is only going to sabotage your mental, emotional and physical health. Remember to take care of yourself and enjoy the moment.

  1. Install an Alarm


This is very important! You must get an alarm installed for your parents. There are many personal alarms that can be found at the market, so you can buy a good one and be tension free about their wellbeing while you’re at work.

  1. Expect Emergency

You should always stay prepared for an emergency, elderly parents can have many chronic ailments, and therefore they might get into unexpected situations. So, you should still be prepared for an emergency.

  1. Have A Backup Plan


You should have a backup plan in case of an emergency occurs before a business trip. So always schedule your business trips and essential presentations along with keeping a window for emergency and adjusting a backup plan as well.

Author Bio: This article was written by Chris Palmer who regularly shares advice on elderly care. In particular dementia and supporting your elderly parent. You can find more by Chris on

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