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Is Rehab Right for Me?

Is Rehab Right for Me?
May 22
14:57 2020

19.7 million Americans struggle with a substance abuse disorder, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH). There is no shame in getting help for your addiction. Getting help and checking into rehab can save your life. If you are ready to get help, it is time to consider your options, and rehab might be one of them. Rehab is not the best option for everyone, but if you believe you have a problem and you are considering rehab, it is essential to look at the facts and think if rehab is right for you.

Common signs you might need rehab

There are many signs that you may need to begin rehab. Often, one sign is that you start neglecting responsibilities at school, work, or at home and choose to use instead. You might want to quit, but feel you are unable to stop doing so.

If you believe your relationships are becoming affected by your drug or alcohol use, this is a common sign. Whether it is affecting your relationships, your job, finances, or your health. These are all signs you need to get into a rehab very soon.

Often, you might be prescribed a medication or enjoy partying with alcohol. These can both be done in moderation, but if you are beginning to use more and more of a substance to achieve the same result or feeling as when you first began, this means your tolerance is rising. This can lead to overuse and dependence, which becomes an addiction and might need the intervention of rehab.

If you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you stop using a drug or alcohol, this is a serious sign of dependence. If you cannot control yourself to stop using this substance, then you most likely need to consider rehab.

Consider your personal needs

When seeking treatment for drug addiction, you may find yourself with many questions.

  • Will my job be covered?
  • Am I able to get myself to a treatment facility?
  • How will this decision affect other people in my life?
  • Do I have support?
  • Can I afford it?
  • What type of rehab should I do?

All these questions are valid, and your treatment program should support the other aspects of your life while still putting your addiction at the forefront. Remember, none of these other activities will be able to continue if you cannot get your addiction under control.

Physical or mental health conditions

Inpatient rehab is one of the most intense forms of rehab. If you are someone who suffers from a moderate to severe addiction, then this might be the best form of rehab for you. 5% of all adults in the United States experience a mental illness each year. This means that there are 43.8 million people each year dealing with a mental health condition.

If you are one of those 43.8 million, then finding a great rehab that can also support your mental health condition is very important. In addition, those with physical health conditions need to be supported, as well. Whether this is during detox and withdrawal, or for another health condition unrelated to your addiction, having support for this is incredibly important.

Take the time you need

Although it is best to get into rehab as soon as possible, once you can admit you have an addiction, you also need to fully commit and choose a time length that will genuinely benefit you.

Program length is also a huge indicator of how successful you will be in treatment. Seven or ten days is not enough to fully detox, understand your triggers, and overcome your addiction. Choosing a 28-day long program can be very useful and is the most common program length. Be aware that beating an addiction is hard!

Especially for individuals who have severe addictions, you might also have a huge amount of health problems, and you may need a longer treatment option. Those experiencing kidney failure, internal bleeding, and liver cirrhosis will need a longer and less intense process simply for the detoxification aspect. However, those with mild to moderate addictions will respond effectively to a 28-day treatment program. Speak with an addiction specialist to understand what you need.

If you have decided it is time to check yourself into rehab and get the help you need, then consider Stout Street, a 28-Day Rehab in Denver for those struggling with substance abuse addiction.

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